Athens Big Fork Trail marathon


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The Athens-Big Fork Trail Marathon and Blaylock Creek 17 Mile Fun Run take place on the Athens-Big Fork Trail. This is actually  100 year old horse postal trail. After running this, you will wish you had a horse!

Athens Big Fork Trail marathon 路线图

Athens Big Fork Trail marathon 路线图


Athens-Big Fork center

Athens Big Fork Trail, Mena, AR, United States




The 8 mountain crossings on the trail are: Missouri, Hurricane Knob, McKinley, Brier Creek, Leader, Brushheap, Brushy and Big Tom.


The course is an out and back course. You first run almost 3 miles on roads - paved and gravel up to the start of the trail. Then you enter the Athens-Big Fork Trail - White Blazes. Follow the trail over 8 mountains. You pop out of the trail and need to go about a half mile down the gravel road to get your full 13.1. Then you turn around and go back. It's that easy!

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