Ancient Oaks 100 Mile Race

20 12月 2020 (Sun)


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The Ancient Oaks 100 Mile Ultramarathon is an invitation only race! runners get into the race by requesting an invitation to run in the race. Requests are made by sending an email the Race Director.

The race is held in the The Brevard County Enchanted Forest in Florida. The forest is a beautiful natural park featuring diverse terrain and ecosystems, ranging from a high and dry ridge-line to shaded forests and swampy areas. The trails are well maintained and you will never be running on a bad surface, other than a few sections on each loop that are a little sandy.

If you want to try your first 100, this may be the course for you, though it is a little more challenging than it first appears. This is caused by small rises and falls that keep it from being completely flat, as well as some sandy areas. The effect creeps up on you as the laps go by. One possible issue also is the Florida weather, which can be a bit unpredictable,

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The course consists of 29 loops of a beautiful 3.46 mile loop consisting mostly of single track and
narrow double track trail (narrow because it is cut for ATV access, not car access) run through the
Enchanted Forest. The course is about 70% shaded.

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There are plenty of cheap hotels in the area of the race – just Google any hotel website for Titusville, Florida and you’ll find gobs of options. The best choices will be located at Exit 215 off I-95, which is called Hwy 50 or the Cheney Highway.


Aid stations are located at every loop. Usually pretty well stocked, but nothing is guaranteed other than water.


From its inception, Ancient Oaks was a fat-ass style event, in the ‘old-skool’ tradition of ultrarunning. Old-skool means that the race is run for its own merits, and not to earn some swag or bling. Fat-ass style events stressed a minimalistic style, with no fees, no swag, no aid, and no awards.


It is pretty easy to set up your own cooler, drop bag, etc, which you will get back to every 3.5 miles.


32 hours


Special consideration is given to runners who ran last year or live in Florida, but anyone is welcome to request an invitation.


You will need to wear a computer timing chip around either ankle.



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Ancient Oaks 100 Mile Race

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