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Amsterdam Urban Trail


地点 Amsterdam, Netherlands

距离 距离 10 km

日期 18 3月 2018

关于 Amsterdam Urban Trail

Every Urban Trail focuses on a unique experience: the route takes you past (or even through) some unique urban locations, buildings and places of historical interest where people normally don’t set foot – at least not in running shoes. In Amsterdam the route will be about 10 km long and will open up the hotspots of Amsterdam-North to you in a way you’ve never experienced before.

The Amsterdam Urban Trail is a city run like you’ve never seen before. During this trail you will discover the city in a sportive and unique way. No straight trail or asphalt run, but discover buildings, theaters, stadions and alleys. After the run you can sit down and chat with the other runners while enjoying a drink and a bite. The Amsterdam Urban Trail is part of the nationwide Urban Trails.

The Trail
During the Amsterdam Urban Trail you start at the NDSM Loods in Amsterdam North, after that you will go by 15 highlights. In total the run will be about 10 kilometers and at the finish you will get that well-deserved medal. The run takes you through all kinds of hot venues and sights in Amsterdam Noord, discover this upcoming neighborhood on your kicks!



The minimum age for participation is 12 years.


There’s an aid stations at 5 km along the route. This aid station offers you water.


All finishers receive a medal from the Amsterdam Urban Trail.


On the day of the event, you can drop off your bag (open from 8 AM until 1 PM). Make sure to pick up your bag on time. There are no changing rooms available.


Along the run, we take photos of all participants. The photos will be uploaded on our Facebook page.

Amsterdam Urban Trail 路线图

Amsterdam Urban Trail 路线图



NDSM-Plein, 1033WB Amsterdam, Netherlands


The event is located at the NDSM-loods. In this area you can pick up your bib number, ask questions, pick up your shirt and leave your bag. Here, you'll also finish after 10 km. After the finish, you will receive your earned medal and a nice breakfast.

The Ceuvel is thé place to socialize adjacent to the water off the river IJ in Amsterdam North. The decor is an old shipyard that is transformed into a terrace. The vibe is alternative, creative, original, self-sufficient, sustainable and recycled materials. And we’ll pass this unique location! How cool is that!

Exploring the balance between art and design, we aim to bring soulful objects into everyday life. We treasure the temperament of each material and hand-make our objects to emphasize the narrative that nature has to offer. Based in Amsterdam, WDSTCK offers a range of multidisciplinary objects with an outspoken aesthetic that each tells a personal story.

Situated in- and outside of Amsterdam's newest mash-up of urban style, the A'DAM tower, the famous THE BUTCHER brand gets an unequaled twist. THE BUTCHER Social Club is a full-service playground for urbanites, open from 8 AM until far after midnight and all around-the-clock on Friday and Saturday. All bloody delicious day, all bloody delicious night.

After the start, we’ll immediately dive in Café Noorderlicht. This laid back cultural restaurant/café borders the IJ river on the north side of Amsterdam and offers a magnificent view of the city. Noorderlicht is like no other place in the city; you walk into another world when you're here! Experience it yourself during the Urban Trail!

2000 m2 vintage and retro furniture, industrial lamps and modern design coming from all over Europe.

This place will get you inspired. Art, culture and much more will come together in this creative spot.

As we run through Amsterdam North, this 270 meters long eye-catcher can’t be missed. In the previous century, the supertankers were docked and finished along this reinforced concrete constructions. The architect Trude Hooykaas saved it from demolition at the end of the 1990s. Instead she created a transparent building that appears to float above the original Kraanspoor (craneway) that now serves as an office. 

We got some good news for you! The largest newsoutlet of our country joins our course. You may know them by their newspapers as Het Parool, De Volkskrant and AD or radiostation Q-Music. But we also have some bad news. You will have to take the stairs to the third floor. We will be running across the editors departement so put up a smile and maybe you will end up in the newspapers. 


Question: have you ever ran through an offshore trainings centre? Well, on Sunday the 18th of March we will. We’ll take you to Falck Safety Services, the training centre for offshore, maritime and windsafety training. 


The free GVB-ferry will take you in a few minutes to the Van der Pek neighborhood in Amsterdam North. This old neighborhood has recently been transformed into a creative hotspot with hipster feel. It’s also a food and non-food Walhalla with its farmer & organic market. Have you never been there? Great, because we’ll take you there on the 18th of March. 

This isn't just a crane. In this crane you’ll find three of the most spacious and high end suites in the top of the highest crane hotel in the world, known as Crane Hotel Faralda. We won’t get to the top because we don’t want to wake up the guests, but you’ll definitely experience this unique and sensational hotel.

Living room, concert venue, café, restaurant, work spaces and record shop at the top floor of De Verkeerstoren in Amsterdam Noord. Concerts, arts, local beers and good food in cooperation with various partners and curators.

Hyperion Lyceum
We’re going back to school! And we’ll go to the Hyperion Lyceum where we’ll run through the magnificent building.

At 9,5 km we’ll pass the former GVP ferry 20. We’ll get on board, run pass the wheelhouse, salute and yell, "Aye, aye captain!” and we’ll then head to the last three locations.

Located at the water off the river IJ it feels like you’re in big, chic cities as Miami, Dubai and Istanbul. But you’re not cause you’re in Amsterdam where we’ll pass the modern Amsterdam Marina with berths from 7 to 30 meters.

tacked containers in all kinds of colors. It looks like the port of Amsterdam. We’ll take you to the container homes in Amsterdam-North!

Although they’re already retired, they now have a new life. We’re talking about the two icons on the NDSM shipyard: the antique trams. This is where the foundation Trammeland now practices the art of recycling art.

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