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Allerton Trails Half Marathon & 10K Race


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关于 Allerton Trails Half Marathon & 10K Race

The rolling hills, wooded forests, wide-open meadows, sculpted gardens and trails that wind along the Sangomon River here in central Illinois serve as the setting for the all-new Allerton Trails Half Marathon & 10K, which makes its annual running on the state’s running calendar in the first weeks of spring this year.

Runners will make their way during the race along the trails that wind through the 1,500-acre Robert Allerton Park and Retreat Center near Monticello, a small city of about 5,000 residents that lies between Decatur and Champaign, Ill.


Half Marathon

  • 21.097km

Trail-Glo 5K Run/Walk

  • 5km


  • 10km

Allerton Trails Half Marathon & 10K Race 路线图

Allerton Trails Half Marathon & 10K Race 路线图


Near Allerton House

Robert Allerton Park - Monticello,us


Named one of the 7 Wonders of Illinois by the Illinois Bureau of Tourism, Robert Allerton Park offers 1,500 acres of beautiful, outdoor surroundings. This picturesque setting includes extensive formal gardens, more than 100 outdoor sculptures and garden ornaments, natural areas including the Sangamon River, floodplains, lowland and upland forests, a meadow and a 30-acre demonstration prairie, a century-old, Georgian-style mansion and, best of all, 14 miles of beautiful interpretive hiking/running trails!


The Half Marathon course features a run right through a barn as you pass through the Diversified Farm! Ultimate photo op!

Two small sections of the course are run on the beautiful asphalt road from the starting line, across the Sangamon, and to the first trailhead. This enables a long, wide starting field that thins down in plenty of time to hit the double-track Schroth Trails. The first half (identical to 10K) winds through heavily wooded moderate terrain above the Sangamon River, circles through the historic Lost Garden and into a gorgeous meadow, crosses the river again, then proceeds to a meadow trail loop and a Sunken Garden/ Centaur/ Sun Singer tour before finally finishing with a 150-yard dash between the FuDogs right to the foot of the beautiful tower! In both course versions (high and low river), we're eliminating the South Allerton Road/South Entrance segment, keeping the two races together, and making up the distance with our new stretch of trails!

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