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Kinmen Marathon


地点 Kinmen, China

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 09 2月 2020

关于 Kinmen Marathon

Kinmen Marathon hosted by the Kinmen County Government takes place at National Kinmen University, Jing-nin Township, Kinmen County, Chinese Taipei. The race features Cross-Strait interactions and with the purpose of promoting the sports cultural communication and interaction between both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The Kinmen Marathon was first held in 2008. In 2008 and 2009, it was held on the same day with the Xiamen International Marathon. The marathon and half marathon are capped at 800 and 1700 runners.

Kinmen Marathon 路线图

Kinmen Marathon 路线图


National Quemoy University

National Quemoy University, Daxue Road, Jinning Township




National Quemoy University (starting)> turn left at the roundabout Road Sec> turn right Citizens Road> turn right before the light path> Cihu Road (Jinning bike path)> turn right Ning Wu> Top Forest Road, turn right> left Joan road> straight arch village Kingsland My Love exhumation> turn right onto North Road roundabout> turn right onto High Rd> East Sec roundabout turn right> turn right over three road> turn right Taihu Sec> turn left primary Jade > Boyu Sec> Forest Rd, turn right> turn right at the roundabout for some North> turn left National Quemoy University (end)

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