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20KM de Lausanne


地点 Lausanne, Switzerland

距离 距离 20km

Rescheduled to 24 4月 2021

Previous date: 02 5月 2020

关于 20KM de Lausanne

The 20KM de Lausanne was born from the idea of Juan-Antonio Samaranch, at the beginning of his ruling as the President of CIO, he wished for Lausanne to become not only the administrative capital of sports but also a city dedicated to sports for the people. 

The 20 km organizing committee of Lausanne wishes to show clearly its willingness to organize an event as exemplary as possible in terms of sustainable development. These efforts were particularly valued from 2015 to 2017 by the visual "for sustainable commitment" awarded by Swiss Olympic and its program.



  • 20km

20KM de Lausanne 路线图

20KM de Lausanne 路线图


Lausanne, Switzerland

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