Poland Marathons

Poland Marathons

Poland might not have the most marathons to choose from, but they have some of the most unique and scenic ones. Although a latecomer to the marathon world, with the first Warsaw Marathon being held in 1979, they have caught up with the rest of the racing world. Travel the countryside or race around downtown Warsaw, you will get a perspective on foot that not many travelers get to see. From the Warsaw Half Marathon to the Ultramarathon GWint Ultra Cross, there is something for every running enthu ... 继续阅读

PKO Poznań Maraton

Poland, Poznań 20 十月, 2019

Lódz Maraton "Dbam o Zdrowie"

Poland, Lódz 07 四月, 2019

Maraton Wroclaw

Poland, Wroclaw 15 九月, 2019

Gdansk Solidarity Marathon

Poland, Gdańsk 15 八月, 2019

Orlen Warsaw Marathon

Poland, Warsaw 14 四月, 2019

Maraton Opolski

Poland, Opole 11 五月, 2019

PZU Warsaw Marathon

Poland, Warsaw 29 九月, 2019

PKO Wroclaw Maraton

Poland, Wroclaw 15 九月, 2019

Malins Test Race

Poland, Kielce 05 五月, 2018

Lublin Marathon

Poland, Lublin 12 五月, 2019



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