Is a Finland Marathon In Your Future?

Is a Finland Marathon In Your Future?

One of the most scenic and breathtaking nature on Earth, Finland offers sites that no other place can. Having a vast number of marathons to choose from, from cold winter athletes to ice runner enthusiasts can have their pick across the vast countryside.  From extreme races to half marathons, the races cover the land from end to end. No where can you find challenges such as the WinterExtremeRun Peurunka or the ExtremeRun Tahko. Pushing the human spirit to the edge, most of the runs are not for be ... 继续阅读

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Helsinki Marathon

Finland, Helsinki 24 8月, 2019
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Helsinki City Running Day

Finland, Helsinki 16 5月, 2020

Tampere Marathon

Finland, Tampere 31 8月, 2019


Finland, Levi 07 9月, 2019

Kuopio marathon

Finland, Kuopio 07 9月, 2019


Finland, Kittilä 07 9月, 2019

Espoon Rantamaraton

Finland, Espoo 21 9月, 2019

Itämeri Maraton

Finland, Hanko 05 10月, 2019

Pyhän Olavin Marathon

Finland, Savonlinna 07 7月, 2019

Kyrönjoki Marathon

Finland, Ylistaro 27 4月, 2019

Yyteri Maraton

Finland, Pori 11 5月, 2019

Hämeenlinnan kaupunkimaraton

Finland, Hämeenlinna 03 8月, 2019



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