Ultra Blue Island by Azores Trail Run

02-04 May 2025 (Fri - Sun)


118km, 65km, Marathon, 25km, 11km

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Ultra Blue Island by Azores Trail Run

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Join Ultra Blue Island by Azores Trail Run 2025

The Ultra Blue Island® race takes place in Faial, Azores, Portugal, and is a trail running event that offers a unique combination of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and physical challenge. The race path showcases the island's volcanic craters and historical passages that echo the tales of ancient whalers. Participants can enjoy expansive views of the North Atlantic Ocean, lush forests and fields, and the island's colorful architecture. The event includes several races, including the Whalers’ Great Route (118k), Blue Island Trail (65k), Marathon Faial Coast to Coast (42k), Ten Volcanoes Trail (25k), and Family Race (11k). The Family Race is inclusive and free for kids under 16. Those interested in participating can secure their place in the event and experience the challenge and beauty of Ultra Blue Island®. Join the adventure and become a part of the story that is Ultra Blue Island®!

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Course details

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Course surface
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Beginner Friendly
Family Friendly
Mountain Range
Ocean View
Single track
Unesco world heritage site
ITRA Point 1
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Point to Point
100-999 Participants
ECO Friendly
Kids Run
Course highlights
The Ultra Blue Island® race course takes you on a journey through the diverse and dynamic landscapes of Faial Island. The course is designed to showcase the best of the island's natural beauty, from volcanic craters and historical paths to lush forests and majestic ocean views. Every section of the race offers unique challenges and visual rewards, making it an unforgettable experience for every participant. Here are some highlights of the course: - Caldeira do Faial: This massive volcanic crater is one of the most iconic features of the race. Running along its rim provides a unique perspective of the island's volcanic origins. - Capelinhos Volcano: This area features the most recent volcanic eruption (1957-58) and offers a stark and moon-like landscape, providing an almost surreal running experience. - Coastal Views: The course offers expansive views of the North Atlantic Ocean, and the contrast of the deep blue sea against the lush green landscapes of the island is a constant reminder of the unique location of the race. - Ancient Whalers' Paths: These paths offer a glimpse into the island's past whaling activities. - Forest Trails: The route winds through dense, verdant forests, providing shade and a change in scenery. - Volcanic Terrain: Sections of the course run over rough volcanic terrain, testing runners' agility and endurance. - Grasslands and Fields: The course also takes runners through open grasslands and cultivated fields, showcasing the island's agricultural side and providing a different running surface. - Coast-to-Coast Experience: For some race distances, participants experience the thrill of running from one coast of the island to the other, encompassing various landscapes. - Capelo and Varadouro: These areas are known for their natural beauty. Capelo offers views of lush vegetation, and Varadouro showcases the striking contrast of black volcanic rocks against the ocean. The race ends at Capelinhos Volcano, an iconic and dramatic site known for its lunar-like landscape and historical significance due to the 1957-58 eruption. This finish line offers a spectacular and unforgettable conclusion to the race, symbolizing the strength and resilience required to complete such a challenging course. In conclusion, the Ultra Blue Island® race is not just a test of physical endurance but a journey through the rich natural and cultural tapestry of Faial Island. The distinctive finish line at Capelinhos Volcano leaves a lasting impression, embodying the spirit of adventure and exploration that defines the race.
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Start address: Horta, Portugal

Finish address: Horta, Portugal


Registration closes on 16 April (304 days left)

The current price step is valid until 30 December, 2024

Family Race (MR 11 Km)

11.00 Km

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30 EUR

Trail Ten Volcanoes (TTV 25 Km)

25.00 Km

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60 EUR


45 EUR

Marathon Faial Coast to Coast

42.20 Km

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90 EUR


60 EUR

Ultra Blue Island (UBI 65 Km)

65.00 Km

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100 EUR


65 EUR

Whalers Great Route Ultra-Trail®

118.00 Km

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120 EUR


80 EUR

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Frequently asked questions

When and where can I collect my BIB/race pack?


Race Bib Collection at Teatro Faialense May 2nd (Thursday) - 08.00 pm to 10 pm. May 3rd (Friday) -10 am to 8 pm.

How do I get to the race location?



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Ultra Blue Island by Azores Trail Run

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