Marathon races in Romania

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Cluj International Marathon

Romania, Cluj-Napoca 14 Apr, 2019

Timisoara Marathon

Romania, Timisoara 28 Oct, 2018

Brasov Marathon

Romania, Brașov 28 Apr, 2018

Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon

Romania, Cluj-Napoca 15 Apr, 2018

Bucharest Marathon

Romania, Bucharest 13 Oct, 2019


Romania, Timișoara 20 Sep, 2018

Transylvanian Bear Race

Romania, Viscri 02 Jun, 2018

Brașov International Marathon

Romania, Brasov 20 May, 2018

Marathon races in Romania

Romania is an up comer on the European running market and still a bit unknown to most runners. However, if you decide to you will not regret it. Romania is situated the heart of Europe bordering the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. The mountain rich nature is spectacular and the history intriguing. The resorts along the Black sea are grand and attract many Sun-loving tourists. The Transylvania Castles are a must see. It can be wise to run fast if you visit the Bran Castle, near Brașovsee and meet the ghost of its previous owner - Mr Dracula himself.

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