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AmstelveenZ Lentemarathon

Netherlands, Amstelveen 24 Mar, 2019
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29th Leiden Marathon 19 May

Netherlands, Leiden 19 May, 2019

CB Midwinter Marathon

Netherlands, Apeldoorn 03 Feb, 2019

Logus - De Hoop Marathon Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

Netherlands, Terneuzen 13 Apr, 2019

Spijkenisse SPARK Marathon

Netherlands, Spijkenisse 17 Dec, 2017

Utrecht Marathon

Netherlands, Utrecht 18 Mar, 2018


Netherlands, Oosterbierum 01 Sep, 2018

Berenloop Terschelling Marathon

Netherlands, Terschelling 04 Nov, 2018

Hague Beach Marathon

Netherlands, Hague 07 Jan, 2018

Summertrail / Veluwe Marathon

Netherlands, Elburgerweg 26 Aug, 2018

Galgenberg Marathon

Netherlands, Rhenen 17 Mar, 2018

Van Oers Marathon Brabant

Netherlands, Brabant 27 Oct, 2019

Marathons Netherlands

Home to some of the world’s fastest, oldest, and flattest terrains, the Netherlands may be the best for beginners to advanced athletes. No shortage of runs around the bigger towns, you can see every area from the Red Light District to the city center. Most of the world's fastest marathon times originate from Netherland, perhaps due to the flat lands or to the pull that they have for athletes around the globe. If you want to see more than one country at a time, try the Enschede Marathon, which crosses over into Germany, or run around the city at Hague’s biggest sporting event the City-Pier-City Run. For history buffs, the Zeneheuvelenloop takes place in what is believed the oldest town in the Netherlands. It is perhaps the hilliest and most challenging course that the Netherland has to offer.

Marathons Netherlands 2019

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