Runners in Spotlight - Virginia

Runners in Spotlight - Virginia

Today we are interviewing Virginia from the United States!
She is sharing her experience around running and how she and her daughter Pibby went forward with their plans to run for an event that they couldn’t attend due to the COVID-19 restrictions.
Do you want to have a smile on your face and positive energy in your mind? Then let’s start hearing their story!!

Please tell us about yourself

Hi, my name is Virginia (Virg) Snyder. I first opened my eyes in the Big Apple-yup, born and raised in NYC. I eventually found my way to Rhode Island -my slice of heaven- and where my husband and have raised our children, the youngest is my daughter Pibby, who is a copywriter living in Boston. I am currently a flight attendant but spent 26 years coaching softball from little tykes to college and Olympic level athletes. My energy has always been endless and growing up, my mother would throw me out of the house, telling me “to go do something “. That “something “ usually involved running off with my friends, running around the neighbourhood, running errands... and so RUNNING has been a common theme in my life.

Can you tell us how you two became runners?

 Pibby was the first to make running an “official “ sport in our family and she truly is my inspiration. Her siblings all played team sports but Pibby was shy and chose a different path. She is blessed with legs like a gazelle and running a beautiful way for her to express her personality in the form of a physical exercise. Pibby ran track in jr high school and did go on to play lacrosse and field hockey in college. Running as a youngster prepared her for the strength and fitness to succeed. We started running for fun around our neighbourhood and then 5k and then 10k distances. There’s nothing like the euphoria your body feels after a great run!

How the pandemic has affected your relationship with running?

The brightest spot for Pibby and I through this horrible pandemic ordeal is the ability to grab our shoes and go for a run. We try to run 5 days out of the week. We’ve been fortunate to live in an area where we didn’t have to wear a mask during our run. Running allows us to feel free of all the anxiety that has been swirling around the globe for almost a year now. We love the fresh air, our bodies responding in an amazing way and synchronizing with the nature surrounding us. I don’t know how things would’ve been for us if we weren’t able to run.

Can you tell us the story about your experience around your own Northern Lights Run?

I had decided for my 60th birthday this year (February 8th), I would like to run in the Northern Lights Run in Reykjavik, Iceland. Pibby and I had visited Iceland in 2016 and had the BEST time. This was going to be a big milestone and I wanted it to be my best birthday ever. I had reached out to World's Marathon's customer support to get some information. We were over the moon with excitement and as we're finalizing our plans, the news of the pandemic surging all over the world put a stop to all of it. We were crushed! Pibby and I decided we’re not to be deterred! COVID was not going to stop us from achieving our dream and our goal. We formed the Northeastern Lights 5k in solidarity with our running friends in Iceland. We had so much fun preparing with our own “Northern Lights “ (glow sticks and Viking hats)gear and was ready to take on the night. It was such a perfect setting, a million stars in the sky, our festive lights adorning our outfits and DJ Asthmatics following behind in their car playing faves from our playlist. It was a magical night. Yes, the BEST birthday ever!

Please share some messages to fellow runners across the globe!

 I am so thrilled to share our story with fellow runners. I feel the love to run is something we can all understand and connect to.
In a perfect world, Pibby and I would travel wherever the road takes us and then go out and run some more. But for now, if sharing our story is one way we can connect with our kindred spirits in the world, then it’s all been worth it!

Thank you Virginia and Pibby, for joining our interview and sharing your amazing story with us!

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