Podgorica Marathon


地点 Podgorica, Montenegro

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 27 10月 2019

关于 Podgorica Marathon

The Podgorica Marathon is an annual road running event in Montenegro, which features a full-length (42.195 km) marathon, half marathon as well as a 5km fun run race.

A group of enthusiasts came up with a plan to organize a marathon in Podgorica and the first edition took place on 8 October 1994. The 2011 edition of the race featured more than 3000 runners from 33 countries. Slađana Perunović set a women's Montenegrin record in the marathon at the event, finishing second in a time of 2:41:02 hours.

The 2014 course for the full-length marathon led from central Podgorica to the southern suburb of Golubovci, then east through the Zeta Plain, to the town of Tuzi, before returning to the center of the city. The half marathon race course started in Danilovgrad, finishing at the center of Podgorica. The 5km fun run course circles the urban center of Podgorica. All the courses finish at the same spot, Independence Square.

 Half-marathon starts at Danilovgrad (bus for Danilovgrad goes at 09:15 from Sloboda street – in front of Hipotekarna Bank (150m from marathon START).



  • 42.195km

Half Marathon

  • 21.098km


  • 5km


  • 8km



Competitors who wish to store their bags and equipment may do so in the locker rooms located at the “Official Entry”in the JP City Stadium. The locker roomshave showers as well that will be available if thecompetitors wish to shower after the race. There will also be a tent located in front of the Elmag businesscenter that can be used for storage.


All part icipants of the marathon and half marathonwill receive a food voucher upon registrat ion. Lunchcan be picked up at 16h, at the parking lot in front ofthe City Hotel.


Qualifying time for the marathon is for 4 hours and 30minutes for men, and 5 hours for women.


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Podgorica Marathon (half) i registered online and paid in advance 10e  - seemed reasonable.. I emailed the "organiser"  to know ow if i could "check in"  at the start point (Danilovgrad) as I was bas...


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Republic square in front of the Business centre “Elmag”

Ministry of Science, 46 Rimski Trg, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro


Republic square in front of the Business centre “Elmag”

Bulevar Revolucije, Podgorica, Montenegro




The route goes from Podgorica, Cetinje, Budva and boack to Podgorica. start and finish is on the square in front of PC “Elmag”.

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