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Hengill Ultra Trail


地点 Hveragerði, Iceland

距离 距离 超级马拉松 - 52km

日期 05-06 6月 2020

关于 Hengill Ultra Trail

The Annual Hengill Ultra Trail Run will be held Friday and Saturday, June 5-6th 2020 for the ninth consecutive time. Hengill Ultra offers the Ultra Trail distances that consist of 5KM, 10KM, 25KM, 50KM trails and the longest trail run in Iceland with a distance of 100 KM, the 100KM is actually the 50KM trail run twice over. With this alteration the safety of participants is further enhanced while the race takes them through open ranges and mountain rifts in the Hengill area. This gives the organisers of the race opportunity to provide better services and increased safety for the competitors. For families and recreational runners there are 25KM trail available as well as a 10KM light run and children’s and family run of 5KM.

Collaboration with Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc race (UTMB)

• Participation in the 50KM will receive 2 UTMB Points

• Participation in the 100KM will receive 4 UTMB Points

The Hengill Ultra Trail is one of three races in Iceland that is proudly in collaboration with this ultra-endurance event where runners race around the Mont Blanc region passing through three countries; France, Italy and Switzerland.

Hengill Ultra Trail is a member of ITRA - The International Trail Runners Association and our courses are UTMB qualified.

Competitors' safety 

Members from rescue teams will handle security on the trails but most of the race takes place in a very rough area. The rescue team is well equipped to handle all incidents and injuries that can occur during the race. A doctor will be available on site during the day along with an ambulance on standby if necessary for more serious injuries or health issues occurring during the race.

Time-keeping and organisation

The starting point of the race and main organisation will be in the heart of Hveragerði, a wonderful small town located in a about 30 minutes drive from Reykjavik. Hveragerði is famous for its greenhouse farming were the locals grow flowers and vegetables all year around in geothermally heated greenhouses. Its surrounding nature is spectacular and the trails are just breath taking. All of the routes will start from this location. The 100 km race starts at 21:00 Friday night. The 50 km race will start at 09:00 on Saturday morning. The 25 km is at 13:00 Saturday both singles and teams (4x25km) and the 10 km and the 5 km will start at 14:00 Saturday.


Hengill Ultra 50km

  • 50km
  • 99 跑者

Hengill Ultra 81km

  • 81km
  • 99 跑者

100 km

  • 106km

50 km

  • 52km

25 km

  • 26km

10 km

  • 10km

5 km

  • 5km

25 km relay

  • 26km



The award ceremony for contestants and their families will start at 17:00 at the Restaurant Skyrgerðin.


Age limit is 18 years (birth year) for Hengill Ultra Trail, Hengill Ultra Trail 50 and Hengill Trail 25


For our 100KM and 50KM participants they will go through numerous food and beverage stops. The 100KM will have seven stops and the 50KM have 3 stops plus the FLBJ The Finish Line Burger Joint. Each 25K will run through one food and beverage stop . After the race all competitors will be invited to the The Finish Line Burger Joint.


All contestants will receive gifts for their participation, medallions and grand prizes will be awarded for outstanding performances in the race. Therefore, everyone will have something to remind them of their great achievement participating in the marvellous Hengill Ultra Marathon. The slogan of the race is "Everyone runs, everyone is a winner and all are welcome.”


For our 100KM and 50KM participants they will go through numerous food and beverage stops. The 100KM will have seven stops and the 50KM have 3 stops plus the FLBJ The Finish Line Burger Joint. Each 25K will run through one food and beverage stop . After the race all competitors will be invited to the The Finish Line Burger Joint.

Hengill Ultra Trail 路线图

Hengill Ultra Trail 路线图


Reykjamörk, Hveragerði, Iceland

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