100Km Del Sahara



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关于 100Km Del Sahara

The “100 km Sahara” leg race is part of the “Trail Running Adventure”, and It could well be considered ideal contact with the world of extreme sports. For some of the runners, it may be a final, definitive sporting accomplishment, while for others, it may become a launching pad for continued participation in highly demanding extreme running races. Only after having participated will it be possible to understand in which of the two categories each runner is in.

The race exalts the spirit of each participant in search of his or her own personal feat, and in fact, all of the ingredients are present for those who want to pursue the fascinating world of extreme sports.

The “100 km Sahara leg race is, in the range of annual race possibilities, the one that offers the keen runner the possibility to measure himself in a running challenge against the desert, while accepting the minimal assistance that is needed to aid each runner absorbed in his or her aim.

The desert is fascinating, however it is one of the least suitable environments for running. Therefore, running in the Sahara requires both a good psychological attitude as well as a specialized training program. The goal of the race organizers is to get each and every participant across the finish line and all steps are taken to meet this goal, without discounting the logistics of the race.



Cups and plates will be awarded to the 3 winners in each category; a prize for the Walkers category and a prize to the winning team will be awarded. Special prizes will be awarded at organisation discretion. Each competitor to reach the finish line will be awarded with a souvenir medal and one finisher T-shirt.


The time limit will be applied only in the marathon stage and it is understood in 8 hours. In the remaining stages there is no time limit imposed.

100Km Del Sahara 路线图

100Km Del Sahara 路线图


Sahara Desert




The “100 km del Sahara” is an outdoor foot race along the desert with a distance of approximately 100 km., divided into 3 stages: 8, 50 and 42 Km. (approx.).

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