Folhadal Hidden Treasures Running Tour (Moderate)

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Quick facts

Location Portugal

Distance 18km


Duration Approx. 3 hours

About Folhadal Hidden Treasures Running Tour (Moderate)

In this running experience we travel deep inside the Laurissilva forest far away from the civilization and we'll discover some of the hidden treasures these mountains hide.
We start by running flat in a Levada, and we'll cross 2 tunnels (500m and 800m). We will see on the way some big and smaller waterfalls and we'll feel the humidity of this forest.
On the second part of the tour, we will push har climbing hundreds of steps to have an open view to the mountains.
The last 3 km are in the road relaxing downwards to the starting point while enjoying the view.
This track is 18km long with around 700m elevation gain/loss.


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