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Run in Lyon

Quick facts

Location Lyon, France

Distance Marathon

About Run in Lyon

If running in a city which parts are recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site is your goal then you have to run in Lyon. This beautiful city has many beautiful landmarks. Some of them date back to ancient times when Lyon was the capital of Gaule. 

Other attractions like Lyon's historical old town, Parc de la Tête, Gerland stadium or the banks of the Rhone river and the banks of the Saône river make the backdrop to the course of the Run in Lyon marathon. 

Majority of the course of the Lyon marathon traces the above mentioned rivers and the finish line is in the famous Bellecour square where you will be able to take some memorable Lyon half marathon or marathon after photos.


Aid Stations

We will make sure that you get all the sustenance you need to get across the finish line! Refreshments will be organised for all three races, every 5 km. You can grab some water, dried fruit, fresh fruit and sugar.

Award Medals

The finisher's medal will be given to you at the finish line, at Place Bellecour. Almost as soon as you arrive, you can show off your winnings!

Equipment Storage

You can leave your bags at the left luggage facilities at Place Bellecour, so your can run with a clear head and empty pockets. You pick it up after the race upon presentation of your bib.

Run in Lyon Route Map

Run in Lyon Route Map


Quai Tilsitt

Quai Tilsitt, 69002 Lyon, France


Place Bellecour

Place Bellecour, 69002 Lyon, France




The route is quite simply superb and the Lyon crowds are always enthusiastic and will be ready to support you all the way to the finish line!

Commanding a strategic spot at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône Rivers, Lyon has been luring people ever since the Romans named it Lugdunum in 43 BC. Commercial, industrial and banking powerhouse for the past 500 years, Lyon is France's third largest city, and offers today's urban explorers a wealth of enticing experiences.

Outstanding museums, a dynamic cultural life, busy clubbing and drinking scenes, a thriving university and fantastic shopping lend the city a distinctly sophisticated air, while adventurous gourmets can indulge in their wildest gastronomic fantasies. Don't leave the city without sampling some Lyonnais specialities in a bouchon – the quintessential Lyon experience.



The first few kilometres will take you to the quays alongside the Saône, because there is nothing like running along a river bank. You will then run towards the Old Town at the north of the city, where you will reach the Paul Bocuse bridge.

Then you go down to the Croix-Rousse quarter, famous for Lyon's silk industry, previously run by the Canuts. Then you will run around the Parc de la Tête d'Or, one of the biggest urban parks in France which opened in the mid-19th century. From there, you join the banks of the Rhône, heading towards the Stade de Gerland, because it would be unthinkable to come to Lyon without seeing it. Finally, the last 7.195 kilometres will take you back to the Place Bellecour, the biggest pedestrian square in Europe. There, an enthusiastic welcome awaits you, as is fitting for someone who has just finished a challenge of this nature.

Half Marathon

Within the first few kilometres, you will join the quays along the Saône. Is there anything nicer than running along a river bank? From the Vieux-Port (old town), you will run to the Paul Bocuse bridge. Then you will run back along the quays on the opposite side, back down into the Croix-Rousse quarter, famous for the Lyon silk industry and the well-known Canuts. Then there’s just another few kilometres to get to the Place Bellecour, the biggest pedestrian square in Europe.

The race information has been found on the official website of the event or through publicly available sources. Always refer to the official website the latest race information. Please let us know if any data is wrong or missing, by emailing us.