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Ruggedian Kolhapur Run

Quick facts

Location Kolhapur, India

Distance Marathon

About Ruggedian Kolhapur Run

The first Kolhapur Run, a marathon in India, took place last year and became a huge success. This marathon in India managed to attract over 2500 marathon runners and with over 350 volunteers backing them up this event was possible. Are you up for the challenge this coming February?

The next Kolhapur marathon in India is taking place at the beginning of February and this year they hope to outdo themselves when it comes to the number of participants and the show they put on along the race route.

The Kolhapur marathon in India is a big show with loads of entertainment and a dedicated crowd, you can expect to listen to live DJs, check out professional Dance Troupers and listen to famous Indian artists along the Kolhapur Run race route.

The post-race party race will give runners and spectators a great experience during the Kolhapur marathon in India. All in all this is a monumentally huge event for the city of Kolhapur, which during last year witnessed a sports event of this scale for the first time in its history. For the participants, spectators, and even for the organizers, it was an experience to cherish for a lifetime.


Half Marathon

  • 21.098km


  • 42.195km

Ultra Marathon

  • 50km

10 km

  • 10km

5 km

  • 5km


Aid Stations

Placed all around the race route.


Refreshments are offered all around the race route.


Timing chips for computerised recording of your run will be provided to all runners of the 50,42,21 & 10km


CSIBER College Cross

MH SH 277, Shivaji University Kolhapur, Vidya Nagar, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416004, India


CSIBER College Cross

छ्त्रपती शाहू इंस्टीटयूट ऑफ बिझनेस एज्युकेशन अँड रिसर्च, MH SH 277, Shivaji University Kolhapur, Vidya Nagar, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416004, India




During the Kolhapur run and marathon in India the runners started in CSIBER College Cross and made their way through the scenic view of the city. There were huge crowds to cheer the runners all around the route. The abundance of hydration stations and emergency services made sure there weren't any critical incidences. There were plenty of performers all around the route to keep the runners excited and raring till the finish line. A warm and excited crowd awaited the runners at the finish line, where the finishers were bestowed with custom-made Kolhapur RUN medals and handed their finisher certificates. 

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