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Pazardjik – Road running 5.36 km

Quick facts

Location Pazardjik, Bulgaria

Distance 5.36km

Date 05 Sep 2020

About Pazardjik – Road running 5.36 km

RUN BULGARIA circuit competitions are suitable for all lovers of running and a healthy lifestyle. The participants are both professional runners and amateurs, as well as people who start their healthy and physically active lifestyle with their debut at RUN BULGARIA.

1. Get more people to participate in organized racing competitions in different places in Bulgaria
2. Promote a healthy lifestyle through running
3. To represent the beautiful places in Bulgaria through racing competitions
4. To raise funds for the development of young talented athletes


5.3 km race

  • 5.3km


Award Medals

Unique Medal and T-Shirts

Provided Photo Service

Video and photos available after the event


Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

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