Maratonina dell'Olio D.O.P. Canino


04-08 Dec 2020 (Fri - Tue)


10 km

Maratonina dell'Olio D.O.P. Canino has ended

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Quest'anno non bastano gambe e polmoni, corri con il cuore

La Maratonina dell'Olio D.O.P. Canino si trasforma in corsa virtuale e abbraccia il Progetto della Podistica Rossini "Una Joliette per esplarare il Mondo".

In qualunque parte del mondo ti trovi, corri, cammina ma quel che piu' conta partecipa acquistando a 5 Euro il pettorale della Maratonina Virtuale e contribuisci anche tu a regalare un sogno di liberta' a dei ragazzi speciali.


This year legs and lungs will not be enough, this year we run with our kindness!

Maratonina dell'Olio D.O.P. Canino's transform itself into a virtual race joining forces with Podistica Rossini to support the "Una Joliette per esplorare il mondo" project.

Wherever you are in the world, run, walk, but the most importantly be part of the Mara dell'Olio DOP Canino by buying the Virtual Maratonina bib for 5 Euros and you too will contribute to give a dream of freedom to special kids.

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How does it work?

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    Complete your run anytime within the event's timeframe and track the activity with the app

    If you run a little further than your chosen distance, that's fine! We will calculate your finishing time according to your average pace
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  • When do I have to finish my run?

    You're free to run any time you want, as long as it's within the event's designated timeframe (you can find it on top of the page). Just don't forget to record your activity!

  • Where can I run?

    You can run your own race, at your own pace, wherever you are in the world! Choose your favourite local trail or track, run in a gym or on your own treadmill.

  • How should I track my run?

    To record your activity, just use any app that allows you to track your distance and time. Some of the most popular apps are Strava, RunKeeper or Nike Run Club. You can also use a GPS watch. If you’ll be running on a treadmill, then no app is required, simply take a photo of the screen that shows your result.

  • Can I run further than the chosen distance?

    Yes! If you run a longer distance, we will adjust your time based on your average pace.

  • Can I break up my activity into a few runs and submit my total time?

    The distance has to be covered in one go, just like during a physical event.

  • When will my medal or other finisher's goodies be sent?

    If the event offers any post-race merchandise, those will be sent out by the Race Organizer after the race. Please contact the Race Organizer directly in case you have any questions.

Included in the fee

EN: The registration to the Maratonina dell'Olio DOP Canino gives the right to the receipt of the bib of participation

IT: L'iscrizione alla Maratonina dell'Olio DOP Canino da' diritto al ricevimento del pettorale di partecipazione

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Frequently asked questions

Can someone collect my race pack for me?



When and where can I collect my BIB/race pack?


IT: Sara' inviato via mail EN: It will be sent via email

How do I get to the race location?


IT: La corsa si svolgera' in forma virtuale EN: The race will take place in virtual form

Can I change the distance after I purchase a ticket?


IT: Si. Non c'e' una distanza predefinita, l'importante e' acquistare il nostro pettorale e camminare, correre e persino pedalare uniti per un nobile obbiettivo. EN: Yes. There is no predefined distance, the important thing is to walk, run and even pedal together for a noble goal.



IT: Questa è senza dubbio la domanda più importante. Il pettorale che acquisterete contribuirà a finanziare * l’iniziativa della podistica Rossini “una Joliette per esplorare il Mondo” del quale potrete documentari cliccando qui (https:// EN: This is undoubtedly the most important question. You will help to finance the Rossini running initiative "a Joliette to explore the world"

Maratonina dell'Olio D.O.P. Canino has ended

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7 finishers

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