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With its unique combination of two river crossings over the mighty Columbia River here between Washington and Oregon, as well as stretches through stark desert landscapes just beyond the banks of the river, the Columbia River Power races mark their 9th annual running this fall.

More than 150 runners come out each year for a run along an out-and-back course that starts and finishes near the city’s Big River Golf Course, along Willamette Street.

Columbia River Power Half Marathon Mappa del percorso

Columbia River Power Half Marathon Mappa del percorso


Big River Golf Course

709 Willamette St, Umatilla, OR 97882, USA




Start and finish will be by the Big River Golf Course in Umatilla, Oregon. From the start, participants descend to the waterfront and traverse the Columbia River to Washington via McNary Dam.


Race starts and finishes near the city’s Big River Golf Course, along Willamette Street.

From there, those running the half marathon follow the route northward across the river over the McNary Dam right after passing the first mile marker, and head over to the Washington State side of the river for the next five miles of the race, which unfold along McNary and Plymouth Roads.

The scenery on the north side of the river will feature more of a desert-like feel as well as a mix of flat stretches and hills; runners will encounter probably the steepest downhill stretch of the half marathon between the 5th and 6th mile markers, as they make their way southward along Plymouth Road.

The course then turns left once runners approach the riverbank, and then heads south back across the Columbia along the pedestrian path over the Highway 82 bridge.

Once runners make it back over to the southern side of the river (and back into Oregon), the course next features its biggest uphill stretches.

Here, it rises from a low point of just under 300 feet above sea level around the mile 8 marker to about 500 feet above sea level by the time runners reach the mile 11 marker, as they’re making their way around the eastern side of the golf course on the last couple of miles that take them in to the finish line at Big River Golf Course.

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