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Ljubljanski/Ljubljana Marathon


Emplacement Ljubljana, Slovenia

Distance Marathon

Date 27 oct. 2019

À propos Ljubljanski/Ljubljana Marathon

The Ljubljana Marathon is the largest running event held in Slovenia. Its great international recognition is largely due to its highly attractive course, running through the streets of Ljubljana.

The two main races held as part of the event, a marathon (42km) and a half marathon (21km), are accompanied by recreational runs of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty, a 10k race, a 5k fun run, Lumpi childrens run and a half-marathon handcycling race so that over the event weekend, runners of all ages are able to find something suitable for their fitness level.

The Ljubljana Marathon was founded in 1996. It attracts massive numbers of runners to the streets of Ljubljana in late October each year and it continues to grow in popularity. While originally it was mainly intended for the local runners, it soon grew into an internationally recognized competition. In 2018, it brought together more than 20.000 runners from 60 different countries on all its races.


Marathon 42.195 m

  • 42,195km

Half marathon 21.098 m

  • 21,098km

GARMIN 10 km run

  • 10km

Informations pratiques


Services après la course

Water and finnisher medals after finish line. Refreshment and diplomas on Trg republike.

Limite d'âge

16 years for 10k, 18 years for 21k, 20 years for 42k.

Postes de Secours

There are 8 refreshment stations and 6 water stations. There are also toilets and medical service.


Awards ceremony in the absolute category will be on stage. Categories awards will be in tent on Trg republike.

Stockage d'équipement

Wardrobes are at Trg republike. You will be able to leave your clothes in the kitbag which you'll receive when you pick up the race number.

Temps maximum

The limit of marathon is 5 hours. The full marathon (42.195 m) runners who do not finish first 20 km in 2 hours and 15 minutes brutto, will be redirected to the finish. The results will be published alongside the results of the half marathon.


You can park for free at the P + R parking lots on Dolgi most, Barje or Stožice and take free bus to the city center with voucher or start number.

Le Kit De Course comprend

T-shirt, bag, start number and chip.


On route will be 8 refreshment stations with water, energy drinks (Enervit, Isostar), sugar cubes, salt and fruit (mandarins, bananas).


Measurers of Timing Ljubljana.


Volkswagen shuttles takes you from Dolgi most (Long Bridge, P + R) to the center. You can use free city bus with voucher or start number.

Ljubljanski/Ljubljana Marathon ITINERAIRE

Ljubljanski/Ljubljana Marathon ITINERAIRE


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Ulrich Walter

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Borut Gruden

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Goran Petrović

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1 - 4


Slovenska cesta

Slovenska cesta 16, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Kongresni trg

Kongresni trg, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Route course is flat. Start is at Slovenska cesta and finish at Kongresni trg. The course will be run on the inner city streets and roads and on the outskirts of Ljubljana.

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