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  • Your own event website

    We provide you with your own event website for free. You have full control of the content and can even choose to use your event website as your main marathon website.

  • Easy to get started with ticket sales

    Runners can easily register via your event website, all you need to do is to authenticate that you are the event organizer and activate sales for your event.

  • We are here to help you get started

    Simply click on the chat box in the lower right corner to get in touch with us - we are ready to help you get all set and boost your ticket sales. Together we will make your event management experience smooth and efficient.

Manage your event

  • Send updates to runners

    Customizable email notifications and in app notifications keep participants informed about event details, practicalites and special announcements.

  • Plan for event day

    Easily export a list of all runners with BIB-numbers for sharing with involved parties. Inform runners about changes in the program, pre-event and special happenings.

  • After event activities

    We support you with after-race activities such as sending out results and digital medals, create after-race surveys and collect social media insights.

We support you!

  • This is how runners pay

    World’s Marathons handels all payments via the trusted payment provider Stripe. We can handle most payment options and currencies.

  • This is how you get paid

    You can choose to receive payments via either PayPal, direct transfer or International Bank Transfer. You will be paid in full minus our service fees (8-20%) in your preferred currency on chosen dates.

  • What do we charge?

    It is free to showcase your event on World’s Marathons. When you sell tickets through us, we charge a service fee per sold ticket, if you manage all your ticket sales via us we offer you a lower service fee. Service fees ranges from 8 to 20%.

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Manage and promote your marathon event!

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We are always here to support you and you can easily get in touch with us using the live chat. We make it easy for you to get started with your ticket sales and event management!