Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon


Ubicación Antwerp, Belgium

Distancia Maratón

Fecha 28 abr. 2019

Acerca de Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon

The AG Antwerp Marathon is one of the most popular running-events on the Belgian calendar.The race attracts over 10,000 participants and although the most popular event is the 10-mile run, the full-marathon also draws a lot of eyes as international athletes come to Belgium for this fantastic event. There is also a short, 5-mile run, all of which go through the beautiful city of Antwerp, with thousands lining the streets to cheer the athletes on their way. The marathon is relatively young, only started in 2010, but has quickly become a popular event thanks to efficient organization and a beautiful race-route.


DVV Antwerp 10 Miles

  • 16,0934km

DVV Antwerp Marathon

  • 42,195km

DVV Antwerp Short Run 5 km

  • 5km


Límite de edad

Antwerp Marathon: 18 or older on race day. Antwerp 10 Miles: born in 2004 or before.

Puestos de avituallamiento

The AG Antwerp Marathon is known for its excellent supply posts. Every 2.5 km we will prove cups of water and every 5 km cups of isotonic AA drink Isolemon. At kilometres 15, 25 and 35 you will find bananas, with AA Drink sports gels at 32.5 km. After the finish all runners will receive one bottle of sports water, one bottle of AA Drink Isolemon and one piece of gingerbread. This will give runners the opportunity to drink every 2.5 km.

Medallas de finalización

At the finish every participant will receive a medal. By signing up for the marathon you can order an extra Medaltime. Medaltime is a personally engraved medal plate to make both your performance and your medal even more unique.

Almacenamiento de equipos

Marathon runners can hand over their sports bags for storage at the start on Linkeroever (before 8:45). Storage trucks will be located a the registration tent. The organisation will make sure these bags are transported to the finish. After the finish runners can collect their bags at the Groenplaats (150 m from the finish). Tip: Make sure your sports bag is sealed properly and don’t leave any valuable items behind, like smartphones.

Tiempo máximo

The AG Antwerp Marathon time limit is set at 5:30. At the request of the police the roads will be made accessible based on a 5:30 pace. If you run any slower, you will be removed from the race. The course will then be made available to regular road traffic.

Servicio de fotografía proporcionado

SPORTOGRAF.COM is the official photo service of the Chiquita Kids Run (only this distance). These photographers have acquired a good reputation in recent years with their fully digital service and competitive prices. In view of the fact that they themselves are active runners, they have an outstanding feeling from the perspective of the participant.

Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon MAPA DEL RECORRIDO DE

Antwerp 10 Miles &  Marathon MAPA DEL RECORRIDO DE


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Werner Rijkx

Werner Rijkx

Comentario realizado el 20 junio, 2019


Nicolas Bodin

Nicolas Bodin

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Jetse de Vries

Jetse de Vries

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Grote Markt



The starting line of the Antwerp Marathon lies at Thonethlaan, near the left bank of the Schelde river. The route takes runners through Blancefloerlaan, before moving towards Oude Leeuwenrui and Plantinkaai. There are two fabulous tunnels along the race-route and these add to the beautiful cityscape that flies by as runners continue along the way. The route moves towards St. Bavostraat and Filip Williotstraat, before heading all the way to Rivierenhof. As the runners come closer to the finish line, they pass through Londenstraat and Napelsstraat, before reaching Ernsest Van Dijckkaai. Finally, the route heads towards Suikerrui, before hitting the finish line at Grote Markt.

Antwerp 10 Miles & Marathon Datos curiosos

In terms of difficulty, the Antwerp Marathon is one of the flattest routes on the international marathon calendar. Belgium, as such, is an extremely flat country with almost no hills or mountains. This makes for a very fast race-track where the variation comes in the form of turns and twists along the route. That said, everything is quite standard about the marathon-route and even the race-temperature is very forgiving. All in all, it is the kind of race where athletes tend to aim for their personal bests, as the conditions, route and weather have very little influence on performance, boosting it if nothing else.

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