Samsung Amman Marathon

Auf Einen Blick

Ort Amman, Jordan

Distanz Marathon

Datum 11 Oktober, 2019

Über Samsung Amman Marathon

The Amman Marathon, which takes place annually, is Run Jordan’s pioneer event. There are events to fit all ability levels, including the featured 42 km marathon, a 21 km half marathon, a 10 km race, and a children’s fun race. There is also a wheelchair race and a special category for the visually impaired. The Amman Marathon is especially unique in that participants get the opportunity to run through the streets of downtown Amman unhindered by traffic, which happens only once per year! Finishers are rewarded with the splendor of the morning sun reflecting off of ancient Roman ruins, an experience which leaves little to compare in beauty.

The main objectives of Amman International Marathon are to promote athleticism, particularly among youth; to encourage tourism to Jordan; and to promote athletic cooperation across countries of the Middle East and the world. Promoting healthy lifestyles among all members of society, and a spirit of volunteerism are other key objectives of AIM.

The vision of the founders of the Association of Run Jordan in the establishment of an association of non-governmental high-performance and durable movement to organize sports racing for all. Assembly and seek to strengthen the position of Jordan as a destination sports world and to the support of our main effort, particularly the Jordanian Olympic Committee and the Jordanian Association of Athletics Federations.

The roots Run Jordan to Amman International Marathon, which was founded in 2009 to organize the first marathon in the capital Amman. Amman International Marathon was founded by the Greater Amman Municipality and the Association of the brain and nerves (a non-profit organization that has a long history in organizing marathons in the UK, most notably Oltramarathon the Dead Sea and the Red Sea half marathon). I have in mind here the supportive role played by the Beirut Marathon Association to establish the first marathon in the city of Amman in 2009. Having been four years in the organization of this marathon in the Jordanian capital, considered the founders of the Amman International Marathon, it is necessary to take a step to restructure the Amman International Marathon to become in the new version.



  • 42,195km

10K Fun Run

  • 10km

Half Marathon

  • 21,097km

Samsung Amman Marathon Routenkarte

Samsung Amman Marathon Routenkarte


Al Nourain Mosque



Roman Amphitheater



Very scenic course with numerous architectural landmarks. 


The 42 km race beings at Al Nourain Mosque (The Mosque at the Greater Amman Municipality) heading towards King Talal Street and passing by Al Husseini Mosque towards Al Hashimi Street. The runners will then head towards the Roman Amphitheater onto Quraish Street and in the direction towards Ali Bin Abi Taleb Street. They will continue their route towards Omar Matar Street passing by the main gate of GAM. The runners will run in the direction of King Talal Street again, then onto Al Hashimi Street arriving at Al Jaish Street in the direction of the New Raghadan Bus Station. The runners will make a U-tern from the middle roundabout and cross the street to the other direction of Al Jaish Street, passing by the Roman Amphitheatre four times, back and forth. After the fourth time, the runners will arrive at their finishing point in front of the Amphitheatre.

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