Run 4 Lesvos


20 Dez 2020 - 27 Feb 2021 (Sun - Sat)


Marathon, Halbmarathon, 10 km, 5 km

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The majority of physical events (including the Olympic Games) have been cancelled in 2020, thereby disrupting the plans of millions of runners across the globe.

But apart from the athletic community being affected, 2020 has left devastation in its wake in every area of life around the world. One such tragic event is the devastating fire on September 8 that wiped out the entire migrant camp on Lesvos Island, Greece, leaving more than 13 000 migrants uprooted and helpless. 

Fortunately, no lives were lost, but the people of Moria migrant camp are still in desperate need for help. Euro Relief, a program of Hellenic Ministries in Greece, stepped in and served the homeless people. As people had lost literally everything in the fire, the needs of the people of the camp have escalated alarmingly..

Now you can, through your running, extend a helping hand to people in dire need. Your participation in the Run 4 Lesvos, Greece race, will directly help in the relief work on Lesvos Island, and elsewhere in Greece. By making an extra donation on top of your entry, you become a partner in the extraordinary work taking place in Greece to help destitute refugees. 

A virtual race is a race that can be run (or walked) anywhere. There is no start or finish point, so you can run it from any location you want. Complete a virtual 5 km, 10 km or challenge yourself (and your friends) and complete our virtual half or whole full marathon. Join fellow runners around the globe in this challenge. 

You don't have to be a pro to participate in this run. There are four different distances for which you can register, so that there is a challenge for everyone.  You also have the option to walk the distance you registered for. In addition, you can participate on any date between December 20th and February 28th, so that you can choose a suitable time yourself. Submit your results by latest 28 February 2021.

Please partner in the work with a generous donation. We, and more specifically the recipients, will highly appreciate your help!

Please make sure to follow social distancing and your local guidelines. Stay safe and keep moving!

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How does it work?

  • how_to_reg
    Register for the race by purchasing your ticket
  • system_update
    Download any tracking app on your phone. You can also use a GPS watch
  • assignment
    Plan your own race route according to the chosen distance
  • directions_run

    Complete your run anytime within the event's timeframe and track the activity with the app

    If you run a little further than your chosen distance, that's fine! We will calculate your finishing time according to your average pace
  • share
    Take a photo from your run to share with other participants
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    Take a screenshot of your activity to verify your result

    If you choose to run the distance on a treadmill, simply take a photo of its screen after you finish for verification

How to submit the result?

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    Provide your finish time and distance
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    Upload the screenshot of your recorded activity or a treadmill photo
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  • When do I have to finish my run?

    You're free to run any time you want, as long as it's within the event's designated timeframe (you can find it on top of the page). Just don't forget to record your activity!

  • Where can I run?

    You can run your own race, at your own pace, wherever you are in the world! Choose your favourite local trail or track, run in a gym or on your own treadmill.

  • How should I track my run?

    To record your activity, just use any app that allows you to track your distance and time. Some of the most popular apps are Strava, RunKeeper or Nike Run Club. You can also use a GPS watch. If you’ll be running on a treadmill, then no app is required, simply take a photo of the screen that shows your result.

  • Can I run further than the chosen distance?

    Yes! If you run a longer distance, we will adjust your time based on your average pace.

  • Can I break up my activity into a few runs and submit my total time?

    The distance has to be covered in one go, just like during a physical event.

  • When will my medal or other finisher's goodies be sent?

    If the event offers any post-race merchandise, those will be sent out by the Race Organizer after the race. Please contact the Race Organizer directly in case you have any questions.

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As it is a charity run, we want to make the vast majority of the funds available for the relief work. You’ll receive a certificate in your email after uploading your results with your personal time .-  We will send you your certificate - after you upload your result - by mid end February. 

Run 4 Lesvos ist beendet

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23 finalisten

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