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Dresden Marathon

Auf Einen Blick

Ort Dresden, Germany

Distanz Marathon

Datum 18 Okt 2020

Über Dresden Marathon

The Dresden Marathon is well regarded by those who have taken part, having been described as fun and friendly. There are also the options of a half marathon and 10K.

The Dresden Marathon … Dresden today again presented first as an art and cultural metropolis rank with a historic town setting that is unique. World famous are the Zwinger, the Semper Opera House and the towering Frauenkirche … At nearly everything that makes Dresden so famous, one runs over …

The route is very flat, so ideal for PB attempts. It is almost two laps of the half marathon route, but the second lap is sufficiently different to keep runners interested. Sights visible along the route include Dresden Royal Palace, Dresden Cathedral, the Academy of Arts, Frauenkirche and the Japanese Palace.



  • 21,097km


  • 42,195km

AOK 10 km-Lauf

  • 10km


  • 4,2km




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Baroque and nature, through the picturesque Old Town, the “Grosser Garten” park and along the banks of the river Elbe. Sights visible along the route include Dresden Royal Palace, Dresden Cathedral, the Academy of Arts, Frauenkirche and the Japanese Palace.


The course is completely free of intersections, and has a maximum height difference of only nine meters. It leads to more than 95% higher than asphalt and is always good for personal bests. But the special treat is the variety and diversity of Baroque and nature: Immediately after the start begins the "City guide of a special kind". Who does not fight to win the premiums can enjoy the event really. Is started on the Ostra-Allee towards yendize . Already on the first three kilometers of the Elbe is crossed twice. From St. Mary's Bridge and the Augustus bridge you can see the famous silhouette of Dresden with Residence castle , Cathedral ,Academy of Fine Arts  and Frauenkirche . After three kilometers away is the Theatre Square with Zwinger and Semper Opera House . To the east, followed by a long fast stretch along the river Elbe from the Bruhl's Terrace to the first catering agency in Johannstadt district. From there, the Fetscherstraße leads to the Great Garden . Here over 100 cheerleaders and numerous music bands will make mood again. After a loop through the largest park of Dresden the route leads to the Crystal Automobilmanufaktur over to Commeniusplatz. On the Fetscherstraße it goes back to the Fetscherplatz and then on a long straight with views of the Frauenkirche to Rathenau Square. About the Carolabrücke you walk to the side of the Elbe and the New Town on the Wigardstraße until shortly before the Albert Bridge. Through the underpass to get to the Elbe Cycle Route, which is now run 1.5 kilometers downriver. You pass the Konigsufer with the State and able to enjoy a magnificent view of the skyline of the old town. Passing the bell pavilion it comes to the Japanesse Palace  . From here it is for the 10-km and half-marathon runners still nearly two kilometers above the Augustus Bridge and at the Semperoper over to the goal at the  . The marathon runners start at km 20.3 in the amount of  "Italian Village "their second round, which is up on a trip to bladder joke almost identical to the first round. The variety of attractions and the varied route can at no time pay Tristesse. In bladder joke offers a very nice view of three locks Albrecht berg,Lingerschloss and Eckberg on Loschwitzer Elbhang.

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