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6633 Arctic Ultra

Auf Einen Blick

Ort Eagle Plains, Canada

Distanz Ultramarathon

Über 6633 Arctic Ultra

The non-stop self-sufficient foot race is over a distance of 120 miles, crossing the line of the Arctic Circle. Competitors will be expected to carry or pull on sleds all their provisions for the race including food, cooking items, clothing, sleeping kit and other safety gear.


120 Mile +

  • 193,1208km

380 Mile

  • 611,5492km



Hotel accommodation in both Dawson and Eagle Plains.

Service nach dem Lauf

Post race celebration meal and Inukshuk presentation.


Checkpoints will be spaced along the route at between 23 and 70 miles apart, where racers will be able to rest for a while and be able to prepare their own food. Hot water and Shelter are the only things guaranteed at the checkpoints.

Maximale Zeit

46 hrs


Transportation available from Whitehorse to the start and transportation back.


Eagle Plains Hotel

Eagle Plains,ca


Fort McPherson

Eagle Plains,ca


Richardson Mountains


The 120 mile race finishes at the First Nations Hamlet of Fort McPherson and begins at the Eagle Plains hotel on the Klondike Highway.Just 23 miles from the starting gate, racers cross the Arctic Circle at a latitude 66 degrees, 33 minutes. From there, they follow the snowed-over Dempster highway either 120 miles or 350 miles to the Arctic Ocean. The constant sub-zero temperatures and hurricane-strength Katabatic winds have literally reduced people to crawling. 

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