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World's Marathons is a global marketplace for athletes who want to find new exciting races and for organizers who want to reach out to new participants.

As an athlete

You’ll find fantastic events - from small hipster races to ultra marathons - in our extensive search engine. You can get your start tickets and other perks needed. In addition, you can connect with likeminded people, create your own “race bucket list” and store your personal results.

As an organizer

We’ll help you lower your event administration costs and attract the right runners for your race. We can assume the full process from marketing to registration and secure payments. We are in partnership with our clients from the start to the finishing line.

Do you have questions about an event entry you have purchased through World's Marathons, please contact

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Are you an event organizer who wish to know more about our services, please contact

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Are you interested in joining our awesome team, please contact

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Our values

Default to action

Most decisions are changeable. It's better to deliver something real today over something maybe better later.

Default to Transparency

When working in a distributed, worldwide team staying on the same page is tough. Sharing context, goals, objectives, and in-progress work in public helps us all achieve a common goal.

We Grow Through Feedback

We all have personal goals and ambitions. Let's work together to help us all achieve our goals.

Empathy, No Ego

All of our teammates are smart and talented. When we work together we will be successful.

Don't Be a Robot, Build the Robot

Invest in tools and processes that lead to outsized impact so World's Marathons can be more productive than a similar sized company.


At World’s Marathons all co-workers have said their piece: Our dream co-worker is a trustworthy problem-solver who’s communicative and transparent, a person who has the ego in check and is heavily team-oriented, has a propensity towards action and is eager to grow and learn. We appreciate a flexible and autonomous mindset and we’d love to work with you if you’re a person that’s both creative and prepared to walk the talk.

Meet The team

Charlotte Melchert

Founder, CEO

[email protected]

Sara Romero Doreste

Post Sales Lead

[email protected]

Voytek Swiech

Customer Service Lead

[email protected]

Connor Davies

B2B Account Manager

[email protected]

Marina Ohlson

B2B Account Manager

[email protected]

Nina Juthamas

B2B Account Manager

[email protected]

Peter Elmström

B2B Account Manager

[email protected]